Our Story

Between all of our Specialist Sports Massage Therapists, we have close to 40 years combined experienced in preparing athletes, (Amateur, Professional, Masters and Weekend Warriors) to compete in team and individual competition across a huge and diverse range of sports & athletic pursuits.   

We are currently preparing 2 elite athletes (in Boxing and Swimming) for Olympic Qualification trials for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

We have been working with them both for over 4 years in preparation for this Olympics. Success doesn't happen overnight and we have expertise in timing our Clinical Sports Performance Preparation  programs to achieve the optimum result at the perfect time: right when that 'starting gun goes off'. 

Each preparation program is devised with each individual athlete, each individual performance requirement, each individual goal in mind. No generic programs used here.

We've worked with individual athletes from Ballet,Contemporary, Ballroom and Pole Dancers right the way through to Boxers, Cyclists, Bull Riders, Hockey Players, All Football codes, Gymnasts, Basketball Players, Wake Boarders, Surfers and even free divers.

We've been fortunate enough to have worked with visiting A-League Soccer Teams, Massive Cycling groups and professional dance troupes. 

We've worked with many Golfers, Lawn Bowlers and Crochet players who just want to able to play the game socially, reduce the risk of injury and enjoy a game or 2 and be pain free at the end of it all. 

No matter how much you want out of your sporting endeavors, preparation is the key.


That's it!! NO Bullshit, NO excuses.

PLAY like you're in first place, PREPARE like you're in SECOND place.

Contact us by Email, Phone or pop in and talk to us to find out how we can help and we'll give you the best preparation possible for your particular sport or event, we'll do our part to make sure that your body is ready to perform at whatever level you need it to perform at: Recreational, Local Club, State Team, Professional Athlete or Performer, Olympic and International Standard competition.