Young Woman in the Gym


Speeding Recovery: Getting you back on track.

The race has been run, the game's over, the competition has finished and you've left everything on the field. You've got nothing left in the tank.

The next event is already locked in your calendar and you need to get back to business ....ASAP!

Post-Event Sports Massage addresses all the immediate fallout from your last competition or game, to get you back to training quickly.

It is purely about getting you back to training and back into Pre-Event mode by quickly dealing with issues that have come to light.

So for this we need to see as soon as we can after the last event. The best way to do this is to book your Post-Event treatment in while we're seeing you for your Pre-Event tune up.

Depending on the sport or activity you're undertaking, the time frame before your next event and your recovery priorities, our job is get you ready to take on your next challenge and get those tired, aching muscles back to full-on beast mode again.