Where the Hard Work Starts: The Preparation

Pre-Event preparation for your sport doesn't just start 15 minutes before the starting gun. We understand you've probably been working towards this for weeks, months and years. You've trained hard, refined your diet and have put in hours of sweat and tears.

Our Pre-Event PLUS treatment plans are designed for each and every specific sport and for each and every individual athlete. No generic programs here.

Our treatments are very sport specific as we understand every sport and what is needed to get your muscles, range of motion and movement to the optimal level to peak at the right time: Right when the whistle goes!

We cater for every sporting activity including Bodybuilding, Boxing, Dancing, Swimming, Football, Cycling, Gymnastics, Lawn Bowls, Golf, Bull Riding, Tennis, Basketball, Netball, Hockey; you name it, we've prepped competitors for it!

We've even worked with entire A-League Soccer teams and huge cycling groups before.

With over 40 years combined experience, nothing will be left to chance to give you the absolute best and most thorough Pre-Event Performance Preparation available. Pre-Event PLUS

If your Private Health insurance policy covers Remedial Massage, you'll be able to claim against the cost of the treatments, subject to Health Fund rules.

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