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Getting issues sorted quickly: 

Ready to Go!

If anything is going to affect your performance it's those dreaded injuries that pop up at the worst possible time. Particularly when you're staring down the barrel of that "you've got to be kidding" old injury that's come back to bite you again.

Remedial Sports Massage is a specialist area that we've been working in for nearly 20 years now... and we get RESULTS!

Between us, we've completed over 25,000 man-hours (and women-hours) of injury based massage treatments over that 20 year period. That is experience that is hard to find. 

We have at our disposal, a whole range of treatments and tools that will get you moving again. Time is of the essence, particularly if you are mid season or that next comp or game is just around the corner.

We are experienced in Remedial, Sports & Deep Tissue massage, Lymphatic drainage for the annoying fluid build up, Trigger Point Therapy for those nasty muscle knots that won't give up, Myofascial Release for getting that fluid movement back, Rocktaping (Kinesiology Tape), Massage Guns, IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manuipulation), Sprays, Creams, Roll-ons, heat & cold packs; we've got it all.

Don't just hope that it will fix itself. Give us a call, and let us get you sorted.